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We are proud and confident to say that we produce products of excellent quality. Our company has its own modern facilities, specialized equipment for cleaning cereals and legumes.
Our grain is used for various purposes that require different degrees of purification.
For example, it can be a grain of maximum purity for seeding, for pharmacological purposes, or for the manufacture of high-class food, or it can also be a grain of standard purity for animal feed. Semenov provides any degree of grain purity required by the customer, depending on their needs and the task at hand.
Our grains – flax, mustard, milk Thistle, coriander, and any of our products – have the highest degree of resistance to nematodes.

Our product line includes several main types of cereals. For each species, there are several subspecies and types, so the product line of the company “Semenov” is intensively developed in depth. To get the best results when growing grain crops, we carefully approach the peculiarities of natural and climatic conditions and the selection of seeds, to determine the exact dosage of mineral fertilizers and plant protection products. This complex of competent solutions is the basis for obtaining high yields of selected grain crops.

Semenov has a well-developed logistics Department and its own fleet. We develop an individual logistics chain individually for each order. We provide full traceability of the product at all stages of production, processing, distribution and location, control of the route of movement when delivering the ordered batch of product. This is possible thanks to our own solutions implemented in our production in the direction of supply management, which we have developed specifically for our field of activity. We are fully responsible for the product – until delivery to the buyer’s door.
An important feature of our production is the “short logistics shoulder” between the raw material producer and the European processor. This guarantees the company’s customers reliability and stability in terms of delivery time and safety.
We can deliver the product in any package convenient to the buyer, for example, in bulk, in bags of the “big bag” type with 25, 30 and 50 kg packing, in paper bags, as well as in small packaging.