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Company history

The history of the birth and development of the agro-industrial company “Semenov” dates back to 1998, since the creation of a peasant farm by Semenov Ivan Alekseevich. He created a company specializing in the cultivation of oilseeds, legumes and cereals.
The next stage of the company’s development, starting from 2009, was export activity. At this time, the company was transformed into a structure aimed at maximum close cooperation with the European market. This was the beginning of a new round of development of the enterprise, a new level of production growth.

The company’s capabilities have expanded, and the volume of grain production and shipments to European countries has increased. This important turning point is marked by the beginning of branching of two main directions-external grain supplies and trade on the domestic market.
Further development of the company is the history of the formation of a large and confident industrial enterprise in the field of agribusiness, which has the capacity for growing, processing, cleaning, storing and transporting grain to the EU countries.
We export our products by road to various countries such as Germany, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Moldova, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Italy, Romania and others.


Specialists of our company study in-depth the agrarian direction, possess specialized professional knowledge in the field of work with grain crops and long-term experience in agriculture. In order to obtain high-grade selected grain, our company has implemented a control system at all stages of the production process.
One of the main advantages of our company is its own production base for growing, processing and cleaning seeds.
We have our own warehouses where we can store up to 8000 tons of finished products at a time.
For seed cleaning, we use modern equipment manufactured by Petkus and Cimbria.

International quality standard

We radically control the microbiological composition of our products to implement chemical and biological analysis, we use the facilities of a modern accredited laboratory of European standard. When growing grain, we do not use substances prohibited by international regulations and growth stimulants – physically dangerous factors and substances containing heavy metals, plastics and other unacceptable chemical compounds are excluded. We guarantee that our products are free of pesticides and bacterial toxins.