About company

“Semenov” is a major grain producer and exporter operating on the international market. The product range of our company includes several lines of agricultural products – we grow, clean, export and sell cereals, legumes and oilseeds.
Our main products are mustard, flax and coriander of different varieties, as well as milk thistle, millet, lentils and other crops.
The company combines the experience and values of a traditional family business with the principles and actions aimed at continuous development, growth and new levels of professional achievements.
Our products meet international quality standards in accordance with the regulations and quality standards of the European Union.

Production traditions and cutting-edge solutions are harmoniously intertwined in the company’s technologies, management system and industrial processes.
We are perfectionists in our direction, and since the company was founded, we have been advocating for quality in accordance with international standards, so that the seal “Produced by “Semenov” means the reference level of goods and services, and is associated with stability and confidence for the buyer. Our goal is to make all our products universally recognizable, popular, and unsurpassed.




Mustard is one of the main types of our products. We produce and supply three types of crops: Sinapis Alba, Brássica júncea and Brássica nígra.


Flax is a grain crop that is included in the main group of products of our company. The product is presented in two types: brown linen and golden linen.


We produce our products with love, so their quality is impeccable – we grow seeds with a purity index of up to 99.9%.
An important feature of the company “Semenov” is our individually developed reliable delivery mechanism based on FCA, DAP, and FOB logistics systems.
We implement a variety of packaging of the finished product in accordance with the customer’s task.
When exporting products, entering into foreign economic transactions and organizing international cargo transportation, we are guided by the unified rules of “Incorterms 2010”, which were developed by the international chamber of Commerce.

“Semenov” provides regular deliveries of seeds to Europe in accordance with the customer’s tasks: the required level of product cleaning, volume, frequency, method of packaging and delivery. For us, there are no territorial restrictions, for example, we can deliver grain to Switzerland and Italy, to Turkey and the UAE, as well as to Vietnam and Australia.
Semenov is a client-oriented company, we work with both large enterprises and small private companies, and treat each client with respect and care. We guarantee an individual approach to each project and customer. We have developed special terms of cooperation for start-up organizations, startups and individuals



Agricultural enterprise “Semenov” is an active participant of international economic activity.
Since the company was founded in 1998, we have been paying special attention to the in-depth study of traditional agricultural trends and modern technological solutions. Our company selects personnel of international level of training, regularly improves the skills of specialists in accordance with European training principles, based on rapidly updated knowledge and achievements in the agricultural world.
Our company is a stable, confident and reliable supplier of grain crops with extensive experience. An important quality of our company is the constant systematic expansion of the range, capabilities, and set of additional services.